“Weekly adjustments with Dr. Jason have become essential to my overall health and well-being. I have fibromyalgia and chiropractic treatments ease that pain in a huge way. I couldn’t manage without it! Plus, everyone at MFC is so welcoming and helpful, they have all become a part of my health management team.”

“Since my family began seeing Dr. Laura and Dr. Jason, we have experienced much less pain in our “problem areas” and a lot less sickness. Our son began seeing Dr. Laura immediately following his birth and I believe because of his monthly adjustments and the great advice provided for natural treatments, he has been practically illness free. He is now 2 and has never had an ear infection, stomach flu, strep, etc. With dietary changes and our monthly adjustments, my husband and I have had a lot less pain or stiffness and very little illness beyond a cold as well. One of the things I love most is their commitment to find answers and solutions for us, especially if they do not know the answer right away.” ~Lindsay

“The doctors at MFC are very caring and concerned with a patient’s problems and how they can help. My pain has been reduced a great deal under their care and I would recommend their care to anyone.” Eleanor

“While visiting I have gotten much better! It has helped with many of my daily activities! Volleyball has become much easier to play without all the back pain. My headaches have gone down in the intensity and the frequency of when they happen. My overall results have been great and on top of that, they are all great people. I would love to continue visiting Mitchellville Family Chiropractic!” Jordan

“After over 30 years of pain and stiffness from an old fall injury, I visited the clinic and found almost instant relief. I only wish I had found them much sooner.” Alan

“In June of 2000 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that basically changed my life. For two years following the accident, I participated in physical therapy a minimum of 3 days per week, bi-weekly physician visits and a multitude of tests, MRI’s and medications. Nothing alleviated the constant pain and headaches. At the end of 2002 I was told there was nothing else that could be done and I would need to live with the pain and adjust my life accordingly. Over the next eleven years I coped the best I could with headaches that never left, sensitivity to light, sound and constant pain. Sleep patterns were erratic at best and I slowly lost the energy to do much of anything but go to work and return home to sit on ice and sleep when I could. 

In March of 2013 I was introduced to Dr. Laura and Dr. Jason. The initial meeting and assessment was the first time anyone had actually sat down and listened to me, not what the medical books said but to me. Nothing I shared was disregarded. Time was spent in actual hands-on assessment and development of a treatment and nutritional plan specific to my needs. I was treated with nothing but absolute professionalism, compassion and concern. I left my first appointment with a sense of hope that my life could be different. I could start living again. 

A little less than 5 weeks from my first appointment I feel as though I’ve regained my life. I feel the strongest, both physically, emotionally and spiritually than I ever have. We continue to move forward and I hope for a pain-free life that involves continued care as needed. I have actually started a daily workout program, something I would have never dreamed of doing prior to meeting Dr. Laura and Dr. Jason. They have supported me 100%. They continue to take the time to listen, ask questions and treat as needed. I am truly grateful for the impact Dr. Laura and Dr. Jason have made in my life and would not hesitate for a moment to place my family or friends in their skilled and compassionate care.” Debbie G

“A couple friends recommended Mitchellville Family Chiropractic to me and I am thankful that I tried it. I hobbled into their office in extreme constant pain where I couldn’t sit, stand, or sleep. Dr. Laura and Dr. Jason took their time to listen to me, assessed my condition, and focused on improving my health. After one appointment I had noticeable improvement and after a couple more visits I was as good as new. Dr. Laura and Dr. Jason don’t simply look at your chart and adjust you, they actually ask you how you are feeling, adjust what needs help, and provide you with tools, exercises, and stretches to enhance your recovery and maintain constant health. Everyone in the office is warm, friendly, and helpful. I would absolutely recommend Mitchellville Family Chiropractic.” Steph C

“I have been treated by several chiropractors over the years. I just want to re-iterate that there is a big difference in chiropractic treatment. I can say without reserve that Dr. Jason and Dr. Laura are a head above most. They both provide care for the person, not just for the back. They provide thorough professional assessments and treatment plans, with care and concern. I would and am recommending them to my family and to anyone I think could benefit by seeing them. Thanks for coming to Mitchellville, you are a great addition professionally and personally.” Ginny

“I work long hours on my feet sometimes 14-16 hours a day with at least 1-2 hours of intense exercise daily. This schedule over the past 3-4 years had begun to take a toll on my body. I was always sore, feet ached, back was tight, and shoulders ached. I was at the point where I hated to work out even though I love it because my body hurt so much. I would get up out of bed and spend the next half an hour cringing in pain with every step. Since working with Dr. Mooney I have improved so much. My feet no longer ache. My mobility has improved my workouts and made me began to push myself on a level I have not been able to for a couple years. My recovery time between my workouts has also improved. I can pull a double without worry if I am going to be able to work the next day! Thank you so much!!!” Craig N

“Thanks for the adjustment and tape. I feel like I’m only a few months pregnant now instead of 8.5!” Tia

“I have been going to Mitchellville Family Chiropractic for a several weeks now. I am so happy with the professional treatment and expertise I have seen. I was having horrible neck pain, headaches and intense leg pain and I am so glad they have got me feeling human again. I will recommend them to anyone!” Kristy R

“I have to say I am very impressed with the care my daughter (11mos) got today by Dr. Laura. She hasn’t been feeling well for a couple of days & wasn’t her normal happy, active self. She didnt want to walk or play or laugh. ???? I took her in the first chance I got and it made such a HUGE difference. It was like she was a different child. She got an adjustment and was scared at first, but Dr. Laura played with her & used a Teddy Bear to make her smile & even let her play with the tools so she wasn’t scared of them! Dr. Jason came in and helped distract her too! A couple hours after we saw Dr. Laura, my daughter started to perk up & was playing & smiling and walking around giggling. It means so much to know that I can trust Dr. Laura to help make my precious angel feel better and back to her normal self. There’s not many people I trust with my daughter, but Dr. Laura was amazing with her. She really has a way with kids. I am so, SO grateful. Thank you.” Tara

“Dr. Jason and Dr. Laura have both treated me. They are both very professional, knowledgeable and caring. I was very impressed with how well my back responded to their treatments with very little down time when my lower back is acting up. There have been numberous times I have went in for treatments by the next day felt as good as new. I truly believe they care about each and every patient, want only the best for each and everyone and to live a healthy, painfree life. They have been my doctors for almost a year now, and will be for life.” Kris

“My husband, Mike and I, and our 12 year old daughter, Chelsea, are all patients at Mitchellville Family Chiropractic. We have been pleased with the ease of scheduling appointments as well as the genuine caring manner in which we are treated. From the x-rays at our first visit to the recommended exercises or stretches in between our visits, our experience has been wonderful. We are amazed as to how quickly we began to see results! We now enjoy our regular monthly check-ups to maintain our overall well-being! Thanks Mitchellville Family Chiropractic!!” BJ

“Just wanted to drop another thank you to Dr. Laura Mooney. Jackson was pretty fussy as he reached his 4 week birthday but after you adjusted him we definitely saw an improvement in his mood & diapers. Can’t wait to see you again on Friday & more improvements for Jackson.” Tia

“I had my first appointment on March 12 [2012]. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but after being in pain for 3 days in my lower back, I called and went in. After my first visit, I felt a little better, and the next day was my second visit. I felt even better after that visit. My third visit on Thursday made me feel 100% better with only a small amount of discomfort. Dr. Jason and Dr. Laura are true professionals in their field. They take time to explain things in a way I can understand. I still have a ways to go in my recovery, but I’m back to work and normal life after my visits and doing my exercise program they gave me. I would recommend them to anyone.” Ed

“When I got here I was suffering with bad headaches, dizzy spells and was light-headed. Also I had bad neck and shoulder pains. After my first visit, Dr. Jason came up with a plan for my case. After a couple of treatments, my headaches were virtually gone. After a couple more, my neck and shoulders were virtually pain-free. Now I don’t see him as much. The only way I believe this was possible was by following the terms laid out in front of me. I still have some things I need to work on personally like losing weight and exercising and that is a struggle, but I’m coming around. I can’t thank Dr. Jason enough for all he has done and continues to spurr me on to lose weight and exercise. I haven’t felt as good as I do now for a long time.” Jeff